Overall Brewing and Blending: What, Who, Where, When, and How

What is Overall Brewing and Blending?

Overall Brewing and Blending will be a craft beer destination producing and serving small batch craft ales and sours.  Prepared and finger foods such as cheese, fruit, and bread plates will also be offered featuring locally made products.

Who is Overall Brewing and Blending?

Ryan Steagall and Matt Warise will be the day-to-day operators and brewmasters of the facility.  Ryan and Matt have over 20 years of combined brewing experimentation and experience.  They became friends and brewing partners in 2012.  Combined, they have won numerous awards in various BJCP sanctioned brewing competitions including categories featuring styles such as IPA, Stout, Porter, Lambic, Fruit Lambic, American Brown, Old Ale, and Barleywine.

Where is Overall Brewing and Blending?

They will be located in Rockvale, TN on Highway 99 – 3.6 miles from the crossroads of Highway 99 and Veterans Parkway in Murfreesboro, TN.  The plot of land is 1.82 acres.

When will Overall Brewing and Blending Open?

Upon successful construction, approval and licensing from Local, State, and Federal authorities, they would like to open in late 2018.

How is Overall Brewing and Blending Different?

Overall will produce seasonal small batch beer and not be boring about it.  Customers can always expect something experimental and something they’ve never had before while always able to find something familiar to lean on.  Sound fermentation practices and quality above quantity with our ever-changing tap and bottle list will be a primary focus.  Special release events will also keep craft drinkers happy and always giving them the answer for the question: “What’s new?”  Small and independently owned with no outside investors putting pressure on the product will allow them to be more flexible to public taste and trends.  They also plan to implement contract “Invitational Cooperative Brewing” with home brewers and pro-am winners as a tribute to where they came from.